Buyer’s Dream Market

They say it is a buyer’s market.  What does that mean, exactly? It means that the market has more sellers than buyers.  Lower prices are the result of excess inventory.  Augusta, GA is still a buyer’s market if you are considering a move up.   If now is the right time for you to buy your dream home, here are some things you will want to know before you start looking.

#1 Location: City or suburbs?  Do you want amenities within walking distance?  Close to work? Close to restaurants and shopping?  What neighborhoods or school districts appeal to you? This will help narrow your search.

#2 How much space do you need?  2 or more bedrooms? Do you want a yard? Do you need storage?  A garage?  One story or two? Is there an architectural style or building material that appeals to you? Click here to search Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Executive Partners’ Listings!

#3 Do you have a wish list?  Make sure you make a list the features that you don’t want to live without and another list of features on your wish list. This is the time to get what you want but don’t be too inflexible. Prioritize the features.

#4 What is your budget?  Go to your lender and get a preapproval letter with the amount they will lend.  Keep in mind that home ownership entails maintenance and repair costs. Limit your search to properties that lie within your financial means to avoid the disappointment of falling in love with your ideal home, only to discover it is outside of your price range.  Click here to go to the mortgage calculator on the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Executive Partners website.

#5 Do you want to renovate?  Sometimes renovations are required to add your personal touch to make your home “yours”.  You may be able to find a home in the perfect neighborhood with the floor plan that best meets your family’s needs, but there may be things you would like to change.  Keep in mind, cosmetic changes can be made later on down the road to accommodate your budget.

#6 Enlist the help of a realtor.  They will take the information you’ve provided and will help you find your dream home! To view a complete list of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Executive Partners’ Agents click here!


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