New Generation of Home Buyers – Generation Y

Generation Y, individuals born between 1980 – 2000, have new ideas about home ownership.  An estimated 80 million people comprise this category, thus surpassing the 76 million baby boomers. What do the new generation of home buyers look for when buying a new home?

  1. Outdoor spaces for entertaining, including fire pits and outdoor living rooms.
  2. Big living spaces for home theaters – used for movies and gaming.
  3. Bigger showers instead of tubs
  4. No formal dining rooms
  5. Close proximity to locations like work, shopping, dining and entertainment
  6. Open floor plans
  7. Neighborhoods with amenities – with low maintenance yards there is little room for a swimming pool in the backyard.  Many are looking for neighborhoods with a community clubhouse, swimming pool, and a playground.

How do you market to Generation Y Buyers?

  1. Be Technologically Savvy – having a website is a must, and it is a plus to include your current home listings.  To view Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Executive Partners current real estate listings click here.
  2. Social Media Outlets – have a Facebook page, Twitter account and blog to show members of Generation Y that you’re current and with the times.   Click here to view the Executive Partners Facebook Page.
  3. Timing is Everything – the Generation Y buyer wants information instantly.  Be sure to promptly respond to emails and phone calls from potential buyers or sellers.

If you are interested in buying or selling your home in Augusta, GA or the surrounding area, contact a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Executive Partners agent today!  We can help you with all your real estate needs!


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