Quick Tips for Agents Preparing for an Open House

As an agent you have to be knowledgeable of every aspect of the real estate market; the smallest slip ups can make or break a potential offer. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while preparing your clients for their open house.

1) De-clutter – A clean and clutter free home is the most important aspect when trying to sell your listing. Not only is it appealing to the eye, but it gives buyers the illusion of a clean slate; somewhere to start fresh. Explain to your clients that they need to minimize on unnecessary objects and furniture to make an area appear more spacious. Remember, less is more!

2) De-personalize – When potential buyers walk into your listing they must be able to picture their lives in the home. Make sure you tell your client that, “It would be best to take down any personal photos or decor that may lead a buyer to see too much of you, and not enough of them.  If buyers cannot envision their own belongings in the home, they won’t feel compelled to make an offer.”

3) Curb appeal – The first impression is everything. A buyer’s first view of your listing will determine his or her attitude about it before stepping foot inside. Explain to your client how vital curb appeal is to selling their home. Give your client simple tips on how to manage their yard. Examples, mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, paint the mailbox, you get the picture! The yard doesn’t have to be extravagant, just make sure it looks clean, well-kept, and easily manageable.

4) Offer refreshments – Having refreshments available is a nice way to make a buyer feel welcomed and comfortable. Lure them in with the at-home aroma of freshly baked cookies and they’ll likely stick around to chat and munch on the tasty treats. You can opt for candles or potpourri just remember that some people are turned off by those scents.

5) Leaving the premises – Although tempting for clients, explain to them that it’s not a good idea to stick around during an open house. Buyers may feel too uncomfortable rummaging through their home and critiquing it while they’re around.

Hope these quick tips are helpful, happy selling, and good luck!

For any other information click here to contact a Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Executive Partner agent today!


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