Marketing Effectively With QR Codes

Realtors are constantly looking for new ways to market their services. Many have already jumped on to the QR code wave, but are they using them in the most effective way? QR codes were first created for the automobile industry. Eventually they caught on to businesses outside the automobile industry because of their fast readability and large storage capacity compared to a standard UPC bar code. Now you see them popping up on everything.

Most people’s time is very limited. So, if you’re a realtor or a business owner, how can you use QR codes effectively in your industry?

  • Let me start off by saying, if you’re thinking about sending them to your desktop, unfriendly mobile device website, just stop thinking. If you’re going to send your customers to a website make sure it’s user-friendly for mobile devices or create a mobile website. Don’t worry it takes less than an hour on to create a mobile site for your business.
  • Even though I don’t believe sending your customers to your desktop website is a good idea, I do believe having QR codes on your website is a great idea! It helps with ranking your page higher in search engines by keeping your page fresh and updated.
  • Your customers took time out their busy schedules to scan your QR code. How about having some type of contest for your amazing customers? People love anything free, no matter how big or small it is.

QR codes can take your business to the next level if you use them effectively. If you’re going to add a new tool to your marketing strategy, learn the most effective way people are using it, then use it better.


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