When Is an Agent a Realtor®?

Many people did not know there was a difference between an agent and a REALTOR®, but there is. The National Association of Realtors(NAR) was founded in 1908 with no more than 120 members; NAR has grown to over 1 million members since it began.

I don’t want to get anyone confused, a real estate agent is able to help you buy and sell your home because they are licensed. The reason many customers choose Realtors is because they have to abide by the strict code of ethics, REALTOR® also offers more tools to their agents.

Real estate agents that are not members of NAR does not make them any less capable of doing the job. There are many real estate agents that are hard-working, honest, and ethical that are not part of the NAR. Being a member of NAR may just not be beneficial in the area an agent does business in, who knows. So don’t dismiss anyone until you do a in-depth research on the agent and make sure you feel confident that you can get the results you want out of the agent.

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