Helpful Summer Home Safety Tips

The single most idea important to consider is that you want to make your property as unappealing to an intruder as possible. An alarm system is the most intimidating security tactic—more so that a dog (most of us teach our dogs to be friendly without having the killer instincts). Don’t be afraid to ask your local law-enforcement agencies or official for some common sense ideas. And you shouldn’t be surprised when your law-enforcement personnel say they believe alarm systems can be valuable.

Not all alarm systems are costly. If you’re going to make the investment, make certain that the installation includes having the alarm system linked to a central monitoring station. You can choose a national company or a local one—just make sure it has a UL Listed Central Monitoring Station. Expect to pay for the installation, plus around $30 a month for monitoring. The best systems have sensors placed on doors and windows as well as motion detectors that trigger audible and silent alarms. Make certain that you receive the alarm sign which needs to be placed in front of your home so it’s obvious your home is protected.

Other tips: If you have pets, ask for PET SENSORS for the passive infrared detectors (many folks refer to these as motion sensors) so your cat or dog won’t set off false alarms.
Don’t fall for scams. Vans advertising “ready to install your system today” probably aren’t what you need or want. Find a reputable dealer at or by checking with your local Better Business Bureau at

~Jose Siandre

For more safety tips, contact Jose Siandre


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