How to Prevent Termite Damage

Each year, termites cause an estimated billion dollars of damage. Termites can be a homeowners worst nightmare; having the potential to cost them thousands of dollars or worse, complicating a deal with a buyer. Termites are attracted to moisture, stacked firewood, moisture from gutters and downspouts, poorly ventilated crawl spaces, bedding wood chips, and shrubbery.

Ways to Prevent Termites

  • Repair any leaking faucets, pipes, and ac units.
  • Keep vents open & clean.
  • Make sure there’s no standing water on the roof.
  • Make sure gutters & downspouts are clean.
  • Remove dead trees, old stumps, and roots in your yard.
  • Make sure your home(including your attic) is properly ventilated.
  • Waste lumber and scrap wood shouldn’t be buried in your yard. It attracts termites to your home.
  • Store extra wood away from your home(20+ feet).
  • If you’re using mulch, try using the alternative rubber mulch. Mulch is a food source and a water source.
  • Trim or remove bushes, make sure there’s no contact with your home.

Getting your home checked every 1 or 2 years could save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

For more information, contact your local pest control company.


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