How to Stage Your Home for a Quicker Sale

Home staging isn’t a new concept; but it is new to many home sellers. If you’re not familiar with staging, it is the art of highlighting the strengths of your home through strategic design. It can make an enormous impact. In fact, a national survey1 indicated that staged homes sold on average in 13.8 days, while non-staged homes sold in 30.9 days.

Staging involves furnishing, decorating, outdoor cleanups and ultimately the arrangement of a home in such a way to attract increased buyer interest. It could be as simple as rearranging your current furniture, photographs, and other accessories or a more involved project where new pieces are brought in to accent what is already in your home.

The goal behind home staging is to make your home look as appealing as possible to buyers and maximize curb appeal for a quick sale at top dollar.

Please take a moment to watch the latest Better Homes and Gardens®Real Estate video and see why staging is so important to the sale of your home.

We look forward to showing you the benefits of working with a licensed real estate professional who understands the power behind home staging! And together, we will come up with a staging plan that is right for you.


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