Home starts show stable market for Augusta-area builders

In an environment in which there are 1,000 fewer homes being built each year than during the housing-bubble years, there is something to be said for having consistency and stability.

More than 2,100 permits to build single-family homes were pulled in 2012 in the core counties of the Augusta metro area – 2.4 percent higher than in 2011.

It is the third straight year since the Great Recession that local builders have had more than 2,000 homes to construct.

“While nationally you hear about some of the markets doing marginally better, (it is) because they went down so much,” said Matt Ivey, a co-owner of Evans-based Ivey Residential. “Fortunately for us, we didn’t have near the drop that some of these other markets had. Holding steady is a really good place to be right now.”

Ivey said the market is up on construction permits but flat on sales, and he expects 2013 to be similar.

According to Construction Week, which tracks building data, there were 2,141 new-home permits in 2012 in Richmond, Columbia and Aiken counties, up from 2,089 in 2011 but lower than 2,176 in 2010. It was 500 homes more – 23.5 percent higher – than in 2008.

Last year, there was an increase in the number of new homes in Columbia and Richmond counties, offsetting a decline…More

Source: The Augusta Chronicle



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