How to Rent Your House for Masters in Augusta Georgia

Master’s Week is right around the corner. Are you guys ready for thousands of tourist to come in and take over the city?! I didn’t think so. A lot of us locals leave the area to get away from all the tourist. While your away, why not rent out your home to make some extra money?

There are a few companies(listed below) that will handle the entire process for you. Instead of you going out and actively looking for someone to rent your home for the week; they will find a renter for your home and have both parties sign a contract to make sure everyone feels secure. Once they find a renter, everyone agrees on the price, and the contract is signed they will get paid a percentage of the money. If you rather not pay the percentage, you could post your home on Craigslist. Just remember you would have to handle the contract and everything else that is involved yourself.


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