Master’s Week Home Rental

2Many Augusta-area homeowners have been renting their homes to Master’s visitors for years. While all of the homeowners have definite plans for their funds, some use the money to keep their homes updated and in good condition. These updates help them earn even more for their rentals over time. And, not only do they enjoy living in an updated home, but also the updates bring added value to their property, a major benefit when the time comes to sell the home.

While six weeks doesn’t sound like a lot of time to prepare for renting a home, it can be done. If the home is in good repair and fairly organized, a thorough cleaning may be all that’s required. Even minor repairs and updates like painting or adding a few flowerbeds can be accomplished in six weeks.

However, if major repairs need to be completed, the best idea may be to shoot for next year. Taking a year to prepare is not unusual, especially if major repairs or renovations are planned. Plus, taking a year to prepare gives you time to compare prices and contractors and to “live” with ideas for a while before making costly decisions.

Before taking the big step:

1.  Check with your insurance company about coverage while renting the home

2.  Contact your homeowner’s association about regulations concerning home rental.

3.  Think about where you will store valuables and keepsakes while the home is rented.

4.  Decide if you are willing to offer maid service, grocery shopping, or catering

5.  Plan for a place to stay while your home is occupied.

Whether you decide to take the plunge this year or next year, contact a rental agency that deals specifically with Master’s rentals. For more information, contact the Masters Housing Bureau or Corporate Quarters. These seasoned professionals can help you with every aspect of renting your home during Master’s week.


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