Decluttering Decisions Derail Even the Determined

2The sun has sparkled brilliantly this week. The azaleas, dogwoods, and Bradford pears have burst into bloom, heralding the end of winter. We haven’t seen temperatures this warm since October. All of these can mean only one thing—it’s time for spring-cleaning.

One of the most difficult parts of spring-cleaning is clutter and what to do with it. Our houses would be relatively easy to clean if they weren’t so cluttered. Every day, new clutter comes in the door — junk mail, children’s school papers, pamphlets left on our doorsteps — and, if not dealt with relatively quickly, all these items build up over time.

One of the most difficult tasks of decluttering is decision-making. You have to decide to keep your things or not, which leads to more decisions. If you keep the items, where are you going to put them? If you decide to get rid of the items, will you throw them away, donate them or sell them? The decision-making task can be overwhelming and is most likely the reason the clutter is there in the first place.

Often, we hang onto catalogs or other marketing materials we get in the mail because we don’t have time to view them immediately or we saw something while quickly flipping through that we might be interested in purchasing at some point. So, they end up hanging around on the kitchen table or counter, taking up space and creating visual chaos.

Because of the enormity of the clutter problem, numerous books are available on the market that promise to solve the problem for us. There are many strategies, which vary widely from Eastern wisdom with Feng Shui to rigid schedules and timers.

Internet searches also turn up lots of strategies for clearing the clutter. You can spend so much time reading about decluttering that you actually never get around to doing it.

Like you, we’re still searching for the perfect solution, so we have created a Pinterest Board called Stuff the Stuff. To save you time, we sorted through hundreds, maybe thousands, of ideas and curated the ones that make the most sense to us here. If you have some easy strategies for dealing with clutter, we would love to hear about them!


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