Use Social Media to Find a Home

womhancellphWe already use social media services to find out about everything from cars to restaurants to housekeeping tips. More and more, we rely on social media to connect us to the items we need. Why not a home?


Next time you’re in the market for a new home, begin your home search online to see which realty agencies have searchable websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards or any other social media platforms you are using. Like or connect with those that offer the social media options that work best for you. A progressive agency will keep you informed about new listings, open houses, or new neighborhood construction through social media outlets.

Save Time

With work, after school activities, and other responsibilities, we have little time to use only traditional ways of home buying. When you are connected to agencies through social media, you will receive updates on houses available, saving you the time of searching repeatedly on their websites to see new listings. When houses that interest you pop up in your feed, then connect with an agent—through social media, of course—and arrange to take a look. Rather than spending hours looking at homes that are not right for you and your family, you will be able to spend more of your time looking at homes with the features your family needs.

Save Money

With the state of the economy, we have to be realistic about our home needs. The size of home we want may not be the size we can afford. Sites like Pinterest have lots of information about space-saving ideas for homes, so you may find a way to make a smaller home work for you. Social media will also help you zero in on neighborhoods that are close to work, school, and the activities your family enjoys, saving you money on gas for everyday trips. Plus, you will save gas during your search because you won’t spend your weekends cruising open houses if you know ahead of time that these houses aren’t right for you.

Gain Information

Using social media will help you make a more informed decision, which will result in greater satisfaction in the long run. On social media, you can ask around to find answers to questions about neighborhoods from the people who live in them. You can find out about the schools, grocery stores, anything you want to know through social media.

Social media is the best tool available to gather information about the largest investment most of us will ever make.


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