Home Dreamhome (hōm) The place where a person (or family) lives; one’s dwelling place; the house, apartment, etc. where one lives or is living temporarily; living quarters; the region, city, state, etc. where one lives. A place thought of as home; a place where one likes to be; restful or congenial place.

The definition above is shortened, but when you look up the word home in the dictionary, you will find a definition that spans for almost half a column on the page. Such a long definition for such a short word.

Here at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Executive Partners, we spend lots of time thinking about homes. Our goal is to find the best home for each of our clients. We know our area well, and we enjoy getting to know our clients so that we can really fine-tune their home choices to best suit their needs and likes.

We get especially excited when we get to help a first-time home buyers. Many of them are nervous and scared about such a big decision, but we walk them through the process with patience, explaining the process every step of the way.

We are privileged to help people from all walks of life. Many transfer here either through the military or through a career move. Winning the Cartus Platinum Award validated the care and concern we show to those who are new to our area. We try to make our new neighbors feel at home from the moment we make contact with them.

For many, buying a home is the most important decision they will ever make. Some people live their entire lives in the first home they purchase, so the home needs to be a perfect fit. We place special importance on each home buyer because we understand the importance the best home can make in the life of a client.

Home—a special place where we grow and learn to be a part of a family, whatever shape that family may take.

Yes, our business is selling houses, but we don’t just sell houses. We make people happy. We help people fulfill their dreams. What could be better?

We also know that if we do a good job the first time, our clients will come to us again if they need to upgrade or transfer.

In upcoming weeks, we will focus on our neighborhoods. Although some of them have similar amenities, they are very different in many ways. We will do our best to describe them to you and to show them to you through a variety of media. Every piece of information helps you make a better decision about your future home. We want to help you find your best house.


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