Making a Life Through Community Service

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” ~Winston Churchill

Berley Green and Carlos Thibodeaux working with the United Way's Project Serve

Berley Green and Carlos Thibodeaux working with the United Way’s Project Serve

“Live United” is the theme of the United Way, and Berley Green and Carlos Thibodeaux, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Executive Partners real estate agents, have taken this theme to heart, as well. They recently participated in PROJECT SERVE of the United Way of the CSRA. Project Serve is a day set aside for volunteers from local organizations to give of their personal time by performing light maintenance and construction projects for 20 local health and human service agencies. Berley and Carlos look forward to serving each year.

Both Berley and Carlos prefer working with their hands and love to see a project completed. Some of the projects they’ve worked on include: painting, building fences and accessibility ramps, special mural painting and designing garden and vegetable plant beds. They have assisted with duties to support The Salvation Army, St. Stephen’s Ministry and The Master’s Table to feed those in need daily. In addition, they’ve repaired homes, cut down trees and performed yard work to help elderly individuals in need.

For Carlos, helping and volunteering are just second nature. Carlos said his mother, a single mom, taught her children the importance of volunteering and helping others, regardless of the situation.

Berley enjoys helping others to become more independent by teaching them to grow their own foods, such as vegetables. Once while volunteering at a particular site, he assigned a person to pull the weeds from the garden to allow the producing plants to thrive. When he checked on the progress, the person had cleaned the plant bed down to the dirt—weeds, vegetables and all.

“In some cases, you smile and teach others that when you make a mistake you just start all over again with a clean slate,” he says.

Berley Green and Carlos Thibodeaux demonstrate the values of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Not only do they work in our community, but also they live here and contribute their labor to make our community a better place to live.

Without the help of these generous volunteers, most of these agencies could not afford to have this much-needed work done. Because of the efforts of the volunteers, local health and human service agencies are able to direct more of their resources to helping those in need in our community.

 Thank you, Berley Green and Carlos Thibodeaux!


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