Realtor Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

Fall can be a great time to sell your home. If you haveTips for Selling a Home in Fall just received notice that you will need to move during the fall or if your house didn’t sell during the summer, you need not despair.

Lots of people are just like you and have gotten notices to move. While you may be leaving our area, someone else will be arriving. Also, many local people have their eyes out for just the right house, so if your house meets their needs, they will make the move, especially if their children don’t have to change schools.

Also, many people without children prefer to move in the fall. The weather is cooler and often drier, making the difficult task of moving more pleasant. Moving companies, attorneys, and everyone else involved with real estate slow down a little in the fall. The home search is not as frantic because you have fewer people competing with you for homes.

This week, we are featuring advice about fall sales from three of our realtors.

Debbie Franco – Realtor (706) 495-7181

“With the fall season comes leaves and lots of them.  When selling a home in the fall, make sure you rake up or mow up your leaves. A well-manicured yard says lots about the house and the owner.  Cleaning up your flowerbeds of leaves and weeds is also important; add a top layer of pine straw or wood mulch to freshen up your flowerbeds. A nice fall staging tip is a pumpkin on the porch and/or fall wreath on the front door.”

Kathie Malarkey (706) 840-1693

“Keep the lawn mowed of dead leaves and have plenty of chrysanthemums around the yard”!

Cindy Smith (706) 364-7653

“The fall is the perfect time for home sellers to make their homes feel warm and inviting! Start with one the most important parts — your front entry.  So many of us just come and go from or to our car, using the garage door.  It is easy to forget about keeping the front porch clean and free from cobwebs and spiders and wasp nests! They are especially bad at this time of year.

Check the porch and walkway once a week to be sure it is clean.  Make any repairs necessary to the porch, door, lights, walkway, and front beds to give all a well-maintained look.  This is the first impression the buyer gets about the house, and it sets the tone for how they feel about it from the beginning of the house showing!

Take advantage of this season by adding warm, welcoming fall decor.  Wreaths, flowers and/or pumpkin arrangements on the steps or porch will begin the ambience! If you are going to include Halloween items, keep it simple and whimsical, and nothing that blocks the entry like cobweb material with things hanging from it.  It is really best, when your house is on the market, to just limit the Halloween items to being up only a few days before and during that date.

Just let all the warmth of the other fall and Thanksgiving decor items create the ambience for your home. You want that entry to look inviting, warm and welcoming”!

Fall is a time when we spend so much time in our homes. The kids are back in school, so everyone is back to a routine. If you’re selling your house this fall, you can really show off your home’s best qualities using seasonal decor.

If you’re looking for fall decor inspiration, we have a couple of Pinterest Boards that can help you with ideas. Just as in every other season, remember to keep decorations tasteful and don’t overdo it. Not everyone wants to see a Halloween graveyard on the front lawn.

We have a Fall Porches and Doors Board and a Fall Interior Decor Board to help you with inside and outside the house. We have separate Halloween Boards, one Scary and another Not So Scary. After all, if a couple is viewing a home with a child in tow, you don’t want to send the child screaming to the car because your home’s first impression is a terrifying crime scene or haunted house.

Fall can be a great time to sell your home. Ask your realtor for tips for selling your home regardless of the season. Realtors know what’s selling and what’s not, so don’t be afraid to ask.



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