Five Tips for Safeguarding Your Property on Halloween

Safeguard Property on HalloweenMost people don’t mind a little Halloween fun, but sometimes the fun can go too far and result in property damages. The best way to avoid a bad situation is to take preventive measures before the big day arrives. No one wants to be a party pooper, but an insurance claim or a lawsuit is no treat for a homeowner.

Install security cameras. Home security cameras are much less expensive than they once were. Also, they may be far less expensive than repairing damages to your property. If Halloween revelers see cameras, they are less likely to hang around. And, if the worst happens, you have photos to help identify the offenders, as well as proof of what they did. Cameras also provide a sense of security far beyond Halloween.

Install motion-activated lights. Most experts recommend turning off all lights if you are not home or if you have no more candy to pass out. However, if all the lights are out, vandals have the security of darkness to hide them while they carry out their pranks. If a motion-activated security light comes on, they can no longer hide. Plus, you will know if someone is prowling around your home.

Remove all trip hazards. Trick-or-Treaters often wear clothing and masks that prevent them from moving or seeing as well as they normally do, so keep pathways and steps clear to avoid unnecessary falls. Remove water hoses and keep flowerpots and Halloween decorations well off the walkway. Also, keep the pathways and steps well-lit so that ghoulish visitors can see their way clearly as dusk falls.

Meet them at the street. Greet Trick-or-Treaters in your driveway or at the sidewalk to avoid having them come onto your property at all. You can devise a frightfully appropriate display and even dress the part yourself to add to the fun. Parents, who will be worried about the safety of their children, will also appreciate that their children won’t have to go so far off the sidewalk.

Bring all pets inside. Pets who are normally calm can become agitated with lots of strangers coming and going. Halloween is very exciting and children, and even adults, often don’t know or forget to take care around unfamiliar pets. A frightened animal is more likely to bite if someone reaches to pet it. Unfortunately, some people will even seek out unprotected animals, especially black cats, to torture. Make sure your pet remains safe and secure by bringing it inside.

As with all activities, a measure of caution is recommended. Before the big day, go out and look around your front yard. Remove anything that could cause an injury. Also, go out again after dark to see how well people will be able to see in your yard. A little foresight and money well spent can save homeowners unpleasant experiences when ghosts and goblins come to call.


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